Vote of No Confidence in Ronald D. Scheiderer


The members of the Steve Young Memorial Lodge #24, Marion County Fraternal Order of Police have
issued a vote of NO CONFIDENCE against Ronald D. Scheiderer and they are urging the voters of Marion
County to not vote for Mr. Scheiderer.

“Everyone can see what kind of Sheriff Mr. Scheiderer would be looking at his record. Failing to follow
federal law when he owned a TV station, failing to pay legal obligations and being sued, filing frivolous
lawsuits and not cooperating with other law enforcement agencies, just to name a few. Mr. Scheiderer
could not pass a background investigation and be hired as an entry level law enforcement officer with
his past transgressions, yet he wants to be Sheriff?” Dave Clark, a retired Lieutenant with the Marion
Police Department advised.

Marion County needs a Sheriff with integrity, that rules out Mr. Scheiderer. The Marion County
Fraternal Order of Police urges the voters to consider one of the other two candidates and to NOT vote
for Mr. Scheiderer.

Retired Marion City Police Lieutenant Dave Clark is the contact for any questions. His email address is

Respectfully submitted
Members of The Fraternal Order of Police Steve Young Memorial Lodge #24

Copy of Letter and News Release

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