Steve Young

“We choose a career on the front line – squaring off against those who would do battle with society. We willingly place ourselves in harm’s way – because that’s the American way.” -Steve Young

With roots as a police officer in Marion, Ohio, Steve Young became a tireless and influential advocate for law enforcement professionals and a trusted advisor to the federal government. In a tragically shortened but meteoric union career, Young was elected president of the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police in 1988, national vice president of the FOP in 1997, and national president in 2001.

Along the way he helped develop innovative and widely adopted programs to aid psychologically traumatized officers and improve police labor-management relations. Beginning in 2001 he worked with the Department of Justice on ways to resolve police-related civil rights issues and served on the post 9/11 Homeland Security Advisory Council. He also helped develop the Department of Labor’s “Resources and Investments in Spousal Employment” scholarships to aid families of fallen law enforcement officers. In 2003 the scholarships were renamed in his memory.

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    Vote of No Confidence in Ronald D. Scheiderer


    The members of the Steve Young Memorial Lodge #24, Marion County Fraternal Order of Police have
    issued a vote of NO CONFIDENCE against Ronald D. Scheiderer and they are urging the voters of Marion
    County to not vote for Mr. Scheiderer.

    “Everyone can see what kind of Sheriff Mr. Scheiderer would be looking at his record. Failing to follow
    federal law when he owned a TV station, failing to pay legal obligations and being sued, filing frivolous
    lawsuits and not cooperating with other law enforcement agencies, just to name a few. Mr. Scheiderer
    could not pass a background investigation and be hired as an entry level law enforcement officer with
    his past transgressions, yet he wants to be Sheriff?” Dave Clark, a retired Lieutenant with the Marion
    Police Department advised.

    Marion County needs a Sheriff with integrity, that rules out Mr. Scheiderer. The Marion County
    Fraternal Order of Police urges the voters to consider one of the other two candidates and to NOT vote
    for Mr. Scheiderer.

    Retired Marion City Police Lieutenant Dave Clark is the contact for any questions. His email address is

    Respectfully submitted
    Members of The Fraternal Order of Police Steve Young Memorial Lodge #24

    Copy of Letter and News Release

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